This can be a reflective time of year, with many of us having time on our hands and weather conditions not allowing us time to play this great game. I know many of us are experiencing strange and unseasonable weather patterns as we enter into 2016!
That said, for me 2015 has been a fantastically busy year, with the construction (at the end of the season) of our ‘all new’ 700ft putting studio and 350ft swing centre along with the ever increasing band of Golfer’s of all levels who are seeing the benefits of our work together; improving putting strokes, short-game skills and swings in order to lower scores, handicaps and an increase in on-course earnings!
I am really excited for 2016, in particular the launch of my interactive ‘Effective Golf’ learning platform with Edufii. This programme will allow personal connection with me on every area of your game! The Effective Golf programme is a complete Stroke-to-Swing learning system which encourages you to build an effective, repeatable movement, based on your natural movement tendencies and patterns, thus becoming natural to you quicker and more easily than you may have ever thought possible? I can assure you that after 25 years of coaching the most effective way to build a better game is from the putting stroke, into the shortgame and then into the swing. Building in stages in order to engrain correct feel and sequence of movement and developing a dynamic shortgame as you improve your swing skills!
The link below will allow you to access the training space and preview some of the video links we will be posting and allow you to send video are written questions that I will personally respond to. You don’t have to have professional quality video or in super slow motion, just as long as it is clear I can review and respond in order to help you develop your best game ever!

CLICK ON THE LINK and register to the training space, if you don’t have an Edufii Training Space Account already, sign up is really easy? Add your email address & create a password and once you’ve been accepted, send me a question or video click of your putting stroke, shortgame or swing with your question and I will get back to you with an answer asap.