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Stroke2Swing 2nd Gear Chipping/Pitching

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Europe’s Premier Putting Coaching Centre

Hello my golfing friends,
It’s been a while since my last newsletter following an incredibly busy summer coaching and developing our world class ‘Putting Studio’.
I am immensely proud to introduce one of the most significant coaching facilities in Europe, if not the world! 
Our fully air-conditioned 700sqft indoor ‘Putting Studio’ incorporate; three specific putting greens, a level 20x16ft, a 33x6ft 2% sloping, and a 16x6ft fully adjustable, multi-sloping green.

SAM PuttLab and video analysis captures your putting stroke action before applying any changes.
This unique state-of-the-art facility can accommodate, individual and group coaching up to six students, offering hourly, quarter, half and full-day coaching […]

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A little bit about me – Andy Gorman Bio


Andy Gorman is the UK’s leading putting and short game coach and in this video you can learn more about his philosophy and his background.

Andy has helped weekend warriors and tour pros alike improve their golf games with effective methods for every area of the game.

Here you can learn a little more his philosophy and his background.
Andy Gorman putting coach and short game specialist biography.

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Putting Lessons with Andy Part 3

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Putting Lessons with Andy Part 2

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Putting Lessons with Andy Part 1

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