Lockdown Golf Academy (April 2020)

Remote Putting & ShortGame Learning Programmes Available – Transform Your Game – Be Ready For Course Opening

Whether you are a Weekend Warrior or an Elite Player; working on your Putting &/or ShortGame is Guaranteed to Improve Your Scores at Anytime! During ‘Lockdown’ Andy has seen a Significant Growth in His Remote Learning Programmes #frommyhometoyourhome Andy is delivering remote coaching straight into your home! Be it Putting or ShortGame you will Transform your game ready for when the courses reopen!

All of Andy’s coaching is tailored to your needs and these programmes are nothing new to him! He has conducted hundreds of remote coaching sessions over the last five years in multiple different countries. This is not a ‘new’ product/service, this is a regular part of Andy’s coaching business!
His ‘Expert Knowledge’ in Putting & ShortGame Skill Acquisition whether ‘face-to-face’ or ‘remotely’ Guarantees you will see dramatic improvements in the shortest amount of time!

For the last 30 years, Andy has developed truly successful coaching programmes for every level of Golfer. He is a ‘World-Renowned Putting & ShortGame Coach’ due largely to how many ‘Tour Pro’s’ have trusted him with their putting stroke however, he is unique as he is one of only a few coaches globally who ONLY COACH PUTTING & SHORTGAME and leaves FULL-SWING COACHING to others…

His coaching programmes are totally bespoke, tailored every single individual, so whether you are looking for a Putting Stroke to lower your handicap or win a Major Championship, or build a ‘Tour Performance ShortGame’ Andy’s ‘2020 ShortGame Programme’ will deliver the analysis and coaching to suit your needs.




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‘Andy’s 800sqft Putting Academy’ provides an ultimate learning experience with SAM PuttLab, Quintic computerised analysis, CAPTO and High-Speed video capturing the finest details of your ‘Putting Stroke’. The installation of planar gradients upto 30ft long and the latest adjustable ‘Zen Green Stage’ (as seen on SkySports) ensures unique analysis and coaching when facing sloping putts. “I believe we have one of the largest & most unique putting facilities in the golf industry today, and will become the standard for specialist coaches developing their coaching skills and player performance.”

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Following similar learning principles to the putting stroke we extend out to the chip and pitching, 3/4, full & bunker shots. ShortGame for me incorporates all shots within 100 yards of the hole!
Improve your skills inside 100 yards, and pretty much every player I have have known has cut their handicap in half. And you can too, with my Putting Stroke to Wedge Swing Philosophy, building a trustworthy ShortGame is a simple process.

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“In April 2017, and during probably the busiest demand for swing coaching, I took the decision to provide coaching solely on shots inside 100 Yards! Employing over 30 years of experience, I see dramatic ‘Scoring’ improvements with students engaging in Putting & ShortGame Learning Programmes and as there aren’t enough specialists in this area of the game, I no longer have the diary time to conduct swing lessons and meet the demands for the Putting & ShortGame coaching too!

For more information contact Andy directly on: +44 (0) 800 999 3672 or +44 (0) 7966 235706 or email golf@andygorman.com

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Zing Performance Training helps to sharpen your reactions and open the game up to you making you feel in the zone more consistently. You can be more rational and calm in the big games with natural self-confidence. You can get your point across effectively so you’re not stumbling around for words. It also means you can process what’s being said to you better. Zing helps to bring what you’ve learnt while training on to the course and get ahead of the game.

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