Mind Performance With Zing-Up

There are lots of people who are good at golf, but what makes someone great?

  • Consistently on good form
  • Picks the right shot
  • Can read the green better than anyone else
  • Doesn’t get phased by the big games
  • They wont let a mistake play on their mind
  • Can play any type of course
  • Communicate with their caddie or coach effectively

Performance with Zing helps to sharpen your reactions and open the game up to you making you feel in the zone more consistently. You can be more rational and calm in the big games with natural self-confidence. You can get your point across effectively so you’re not stumbling around for words. It also means you can process what’s being said to you better.

‘Zing’ helps to bring what you’ve learnt while training on to the pitch and get ahead of the game.

mental performance golf Andy Gorman
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