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Putting Is 40% Of Your Scores, So It’s Time You Learned The Simple, Trustworthy Principles That Win Tournaments and Slashes Handicaps

“I’m not complacent, with every session conducted I am looking to improve not only client skills, but also their learning experience!”  

Whether you are just starting this fabulous game or competing against the world’s best players; Andy will provide you with the most comprehensive learning experience!

The ‘Andy Gorman Performance Putting Academy’

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Provides an ultimate learning experience with SAM PuttLab, Quintic computerised and High-Speed cameras capturing the finest details of your ‘Putting Stroke’. The installation of 10metre planar gradients and the latest adjustable ‘ZEN Green Stage’ ensures unique analysis and coaching when facing sloping putts. “I believe we have the most unique putting facilities in the golf industry today, and will become the standard for specialist coaches for developing their coaching skills and player performance.”

Nearly 30 years bio-mechanical analysis has allowed Andy to develop a putting academy where you will learn how to putt simply and naturally. This knowledge goes into every stroke coming under his scrutiny, knowledge he gained by personally working alongside some of the world’s leading coaches, players, physiotherapist’s, doctors and world renowned bio-mechanists. Using this approach Andy can turn even the novice golfer into a competent exponent of the putting stroke.

Facilities include: SAM PuttLab to measure 28 parameters of the putting stroke; SAM PuttLab is the industry’s leading analysis equipment, likewise the latest Quintic Computerised software & High-Speed, Slow-Mo Video Cameras provide all the detailed visuals of the stroke. Andy’s Line of T-Stroke Training Aids, Mirrors, Plane-Boards, Putting Rails, Zen Green Stage and Tour-Performance Surfaces enhance the learning & training experience. All products are available for purchase.

Many of us have never had a putter fitting! And, 34″ putters don’t suit every golfer on the planet… No more than size 8 shoes fit every person! A putter that is too short will cripple a golfer in the same way a pair of shoes that are too small would….

I have been conducting putter fittings for many, many years now and getting this vital club fitted correctly will pay dividends in your scoring on the course… Contact me for a fitting session using SAM PuttLab & Video analysis to get your best ever custom-built putter!