Become A Master From 100 Yards And In. Do This And You Will Cut Your Handicap In Half Guaranteed.


The ShortGame does not have to be as complicated as many coaches make it out to be…

Following similar principles to the putting stroke we extend that out to the chipping, pitching, 3/4 & bunker shots. My ShortGame ‘Tour 100Yards’ Programme covers all shots within 100 yards of the hole…

By improving at this yardage and in, every player I have have known has cut their handicap in half. And you can too. You see, with my Stroke 2 Swing (Putting Stroke to Approach Swing) Philosophy, building a trustworthy golf swing is a simple process.

ShortGame coaching is provided at numerous venues around the Midlands and UK. I am based at Wishaw Golf Club, near Belfry with excellent facilities to develop your ‘Tour Performance’ ShortGame skills.


Bookings can be made directly with Andy on 0333 121 0088 or 07966 235706 or email

Become a Master From 100 Yards and In