Andy’s reputation is growing rapidly and so does demand for his knowledge. He is currently a consultant to the Sports Science Dept at University of Derby, who are researching the causes of ‘Putting Yips’. Andy’s applied research has shown these issues can be overcome thru ‘Optimised-Biomechanical-Posture allowing a ‘Natural’ flowing putting stroke!

His philosophy is based on human kinetics. In other words, what movements come naturally.

“In all the coaching I received, and all the analysis I applied, the most common fundamentals proved to be the un-doing of all the teaching. In the ‘Putting Myths Destroyed’ I unearth the classic teachings that plain and simple don’t work.

If the best players in the world were good at putting surely they would hole more putts than they miss! The problem is, they don’t. Except for the odd round of golf, the best putters on tour miss more than 10 putts per round, and even on TOUR some are missing 15/16 putts per round…

Now putting stats don’t always help, as they are governed by many factors like, how close we hit it to the hole with our approach shots and I totally agree that the target is very small. But the facts are the facts! I do believe it is possible to hole every putt, and accept that we are more likely miss, but putting success isn’t a challenge beyond reach. All too often I hear that two putts per green is good, seriously? One putt missed on each green is not acceptable and not trying to hole the first putt! (I’m trying to get it close) is disappointing to say the least and I’ve even heard some of the games best players say the same to me!

There is hope though! Once you can setup in a manner that encourages you to swing the putter naturally. The stroke will become repeatable and consistency produces effective results. To find out more, give me a call… +44 7966235706

“I am immensely privileged to coach all levels of the game. So whether you are learning to play this great game or winning Pro Tournaments, I look forward to helping you improve your own putting very soon. Come and discover the ‘TRUTH ABOUT PUTTING!’ and see your scores improve….”
putting myths destroyed